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"How to purchase my products? Usually I participate on number of Shows, where you can try my products, consult with me and even order some customizations. I have my own Studio, located in Maple (North of Toronto), where you can do the same, but as I am constantly somewhere on Show I might not be at home that time. Also I sell my products Online from major Sellers, like Amazon and One Of a Kind."

Olga G.
New Season collection

Open Front

You can wear your LiLi Jacket as a loosely fitting jacket open on the front.

* Take your LiLi Jacket so that the collar is on top and the tie is on front.
* Put the Jacket on. Make sure the sleeves comfortably fit your shoulders.    
Tip: People often pull  jackets too much to the front. This creates a clumsy look and feels uncomfortable. To adjust a jacket, gently pull it to the back.
* Bring the tie to the front.
* To close the Jacket, bring the corners with the double tie together and pull the opposite ends of the tie.
* Well done! Enjoy your LiLi Jacket!