Meow, Kitty! Meow!

Do you talk to your cat? I do to mine...

I have recently read an interesting article about cats’ talk in National Geographic. Swedish researches launched a new project studying cats’ dialects.
Do you talk to your cat? I do to mine. :) My beauty is called Leia after the Princess Leia.
 My daughter gave her to me as a birthday present. She’s been living with us for 10 years now.
We have a special VIP project “Knitted Cuddle Kitty” for cat-lovers and those who appreciate the therapeutic effect of cats’ presence but for some reason cannot afford it. These cute knitted kitties have a weight of a real cat and come with a removable inner heat pack that can be heated in the microwave to imitate the body temperature of a real cat. Our Cuddle Kitties are designed to give you a feeling of emotional comfort, warmth, and calmness. They are a great present for any occasion!