Knitted Cuddle Kitty

Do you know that feeling when a kitty is sleeping on your lap or beside you on the sofa?

It gives you the feeling of emotional comfort, warmth, and calmness. Cats are known to have therapeutic effects on us, people.
   This cute knitted Cuddle Kitty has a weight similar to that of a real kitten which gives you a feeling of holding the real one.
Knitted Cuddle Kitty comes with a removable inner heat pack (a bag with rice) that can be heated in the microwave for 30-60 seconds to imitate not only the weigh but also the body temperature of a real cat.
   For us, adults, it is a great allergy- free pet which provides health benefits, relief from migraine, arthritic and muscular pains and stress.
Kitty gives you relaxation and colour therapy as well. You will have extra benefits of aromatherapy adding essential oils to the pack (for instance, Lavender which reduces anxiety and helps with sleep problems). For kids, hugging warmed Knitted Cuddle Kitty during the night gives calm and comfort especially for our little ones. Knitted Cuddle Kitty can be a great present for any occasion.