Spring 2017
Hello Olga
"I purchased your quirky mustard/buff coloured heavy linen skirt (size M/L) at the One of A Kind Show yesterday and it is soooo much better than I even expected it to be and I already knew yesterday it was fabulous. I am hoping you can sell me the same again in the grey (was that mid-grey or charcoal?) - same size."


Spring 2017
Fall 2017
Good Morning Olga,
I saw Carol in her dress today and made me very excited to think I will have one too! ... I'm being silly to even ask... you are wonderful to offer to make me one! Thank you.💖! I would love to have one of your pink and grey dresses!! Imagine!!! Summer just got even brighter...thank you Olga!


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Hello Olga!
WOW! the skirt is gorgeous! The fits is perfect. Thank you very much and see you in fall. Have a good spring and summer season too, Bye


Fall 2017
Spring 2017
Thank you!
The jacket has arrived and is beautiful. I know I will enjoy wearing it (and will get many compliments too!) Sincerely,


Fall 2017
Fall 2017
Hi Olga
I wonder how if you still have the denim pants I exchanged in Ottawa? ... But curios if you still have the last pair. No problem if not as I am sure you will always have something exciting in your booth when I see you next.


Fall 2017

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Best for Summer

Linen is the best material for summer. It is also my favourite.

It is light, comfortable, and chic. It requires little care and no ironing at all.

I have created a linen line for our hot summers. It includes pants, skirts, jackets and dresses.

Irresistible material and irresistible designs! :))

Olga G.
New Season collection

Crazy Bunny

About a month ago. My grand-daughter and I decided to get a pet. She chose a bunny. We wanted to get two so they won’t feel lonely. We didn’t want them to mate, so we bought two males.
A few days after, we went to feed them as we always do.
To our surprise instead of 2 there was 100 bunnies!!!

One of them definitely wasn’t male!
So now you can adopt your very own bunny for $25!
But be careful some of them are crazy!
If you decide to get two, don’t make the same mistake we did. 😁

Olga G.
New Season collection

Fabric Flower Brooch-Bracelet

Discover great gift ideas!

Brooch & Bracelet!
Stylish & Trendy!

Great Winter Fashion Accessories!

Size & Color.Various colors

Olga G.

Linen Skirt - best for any season

Linen is the best material for any season. It is also my favourite.

It is comfortable, and chic. It requires little care and no ironing at all.

I have created a linen skirt, which you can wear with leggings and boots.

Irresistible material and irresistible design! :))

Olga G.

Polkadot Dress

Its unique design makes it fit any body shape perfectly.

The characteristic feature of this fabric is that it stretches equally well any direction. It is also light and warm. It will keep you pleasantly comfortable.

Wear Polkadot Dress with any leggings or skinny pants! You will see how it transforms your look and spirit into a charming and playful one. Do you hear they are calling you again ‘the adorable one”? :)

Olga G.

Summer Dress

New Season collection

Stripe dress...

There is nothing  more comfortable on a hot summer day than a linen dress!

This Stripe Dress is made of thin linen. Its silhouette is an interplay between the design and different directions of the stripes.

Olga G.

Winter Scarf

"Winter is coming ... (yes, it's from Game of Thrones)

And now ... new long, light mohair scarf for you ...

You can wear it as a casual or stylish wrap around your neck.

This scarf will go well with your winter ensemble, plus it’s super easy to wear."

Olga G.

Summer Outdoor Shows

Summer Shows are all OUTDOORS which means beautiful parks, abundant music, and dynamic entertainment.

Especially when you have right dress, which will make you feel comfy and stylish!

Olga G.
New Season collection

My Blog

In this blog, I write things related to my art, life, and leisure that I find interesting. And I hope you will find them interesting as well. For example, isn’t it exciting to know that ‘blog’ originated from ‘weblog’ in 1990s?  

  • The world is fast. We run, we spin, we slide…
  • Stop for a moment! Put your cell away.
  • Look in the mirror - on the other side
  • There is your other self that you betray.

  • The world is fast. And faster it’ll become.
  • You check your phone: four messages unread.
  • You open them and slide, and spin, and run
  • To knit your life together with a blogging thread.

My knee is on strike

Olga G. Knits Studio is located in Maple (north of Toronto), ON, Canada